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The game that takes you under the surface of arcade-style gaming and into the roots of fun. Tipping the hat to old favorites such as Dig Dug and Boulder Dash, Motherload incorporates a modern interface, fast-paced gameplay, and an in-depth storyline.

Instructions: Pod Usage 101

Control your pod using the arrow keys or, if it is more comfortable, the WASD keys. Your drill will deploy automatically if you move into diggable material beside or below you - remember, you cannot drill straight up.

To save your game, fly up to the the hovering bot right above the mineral depot.

You can trade minerals in your storage bay for cold hard cash at the mineral depot, with which you will be able to purchase upgrades and items. Upgrades are installed automatically when purchased. Use items with the following hot-keys:

I: Open Inventory Your inventory displays your items and upgrades and allows you to jettison material. If your pod is too heavy, click on minerals to discard them through your exhaust ports.

R: Hull Repair Nanites These advanced nanobots will repair your hull when nowhere near a repair station.

F: Reserve Fuel Tank These bottles of compressed fuel inject straight into your main tank.

X: Dynamite Blasts a small area around your pod. Note: Dynamite will also destroy valuable minerals; Use caution when blasting.

C: Plastic Explosives Blasts a large area surrounding your pod. Note: Plastic Explosives will also destroy valuable minerals; Use caution when blasting.

Q: Quantum Teleporter This device transforms your matter into energy and flings you at the surface. It isn't always accurate, so remember to exercise caution.

M: Matter Transmitter A more stable version of the Quantum Teleporter, the Matter Transmitter is much safer to use. Like any Quantum Device, please remember keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times while in use.

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